My Reading List

One of my greatest joys in becoming a writer is finding others who inspire me. I am starting this page as a way to share the work of thought-provoking writers who I come across in my daily reading. If you would like to post on my site, please send me a note at along with your work.


This is a poignant piece written by a husband and father capturing the first year of his son’s life.

Everything at Once: Notes to my Son

Here’s a humorous memoir excerpt on infertility.

She’s Not My Mother

Author Sarah Kelly reminds us to be present in the moment.


Elizabeth Richardson Rau deconstructs the implications of the stick figure family and other modern ways of bragging and living through our children.

Be Instead of Brag

I love the New Yorker for humor! Here are a few of my favorite recent ones.

If You Give a Dude a Kale Chip

Living the Fitbit Life by David Sedaris

Open Letter from Your Horrible Facebook Friends


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