Work With Me

Business Writing and Marketing Strategy

Soon after deciding to focus time on my creative writing, I realized I miss something from my previous careers. Collaboration.

I am thrilled to launch the client services piece of my business. I partner with business owners looking to grow their brands, becoming a writing and strategy resource for them. While my clients focus on the core of their businesses and strengthen their ability to do what they do best, I deliver high-quality, relevant content to support their vision.

Prior to teaching, I worked in product marketing for a fine fragrance company and a sports media start-up. I have a background in direct-to-consumer marketing as well as business-to-business marketing and have done everything from direct mailings and grass-roots efforts to presentations for large corporations.

My strengths lie in my communication skills and my flexibility. I work with clients in a variety of ways that suit their needs. I can help with website layout, content, blog writing, social media and overall marketing strategy. Whether you have a small writing project or are looking to create a brand vision, I want to work with you.

Contact me and let’s talk.


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